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Day 23 Update! July 2, 2010

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The past 23 days have absolutely FLOWN by!  So far, treatment is going smoothly.  I’ve learned so much about the drug in the past 23 days, so hopefully I can share some helpful information.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m taking 40mg of Claravis each day with dinner.  Okay, so I’ve actually been taking it around bedtime, but I’m going to start taking it with dinner.  My dermatologist said that since it is vitamin A, it is really important to take it with food.  This insures better absorption into your bloodstream, and thus, better results.

So let’s talk side effects.  I was expecting headaches for some reason, but I really haven’t had any.  No muscle or joint pain either, and I have been working out regularly.  I remember the first week I was definitely more tired than usual.  When my alarm went off, I felt like I could stay in bed all day.  I’m much more used to the medicine now, and I don’t feel overly tired anymore.

In all the blogs, and vlogs I’ve looked at, people usually talk about how dry their skin is.  Well, for the first 7 days, I honestly didn’t notice a difference.  All of the sudden, my lips got SUPER dry right around the 7th day.  The lip dryness is strange.  It doesn’t feel like chapped lips, and it doesn’t hurt, it is more like shriveled, stretched skin.  I’ve been using Aquaphor about every half hour.  I know that sounds like overkill, but trust me…it’s not!  Aquaphor is only 40% white petroleum, so I’m lukewarm about it.  I think I’ll give Vaseline Lip Therapy a whirl here within the next couple of days because it is 100% white petroleum jelly.

For my face and body, I’ve been using Cetaphil.  I’m using the Moisturizing Lotion for my body, and the Daily Facial Moisturizer on my face.  The lotions are perfect.  I couldn’t be happier with them.  They hydrate my skin so well, I never have to reapply lotion during the day.  The lotions are also non-greasy, so they don’t make me feel nasty.

My scalp, however, is a little cranky.  Right around the one week mark, my head began itching as if I’d contracted a bad case of lice (but no lice here, thankfully).  It was flaking pretty badly too.  I ran to the store and bought some Head and Shoulders, which has soothed the problem a little.  I’m still a little itchy, but much better off than before.  If anyone out there has a dry/itching scalp solution, I could definitely use some suggestions!

I’m also trying to hydrate my body by drinking more water than usual.  I fill up my 24oz water bottle at the beginning of the day, and I usually refill at least once.  I honestly could eat a little healthier, but I am not a horrendous eater to begin with.

So, what you all want to know, what is my skin doing?  Right around the one week mark, my skin felt extremely rough.  Tons of blackheads were coming to the surface making my skin feel bumpy.  The good news is, it wasn’t that noticeable to the eye.  However, my skin wasn’t looking that pretty either.  I had visible breakouts on my face, and several colossal zits on my back.  I have to admit, I’m a pick-o-holic.  I just can’t help myself.  If I see a zit, I have to pick it.  Gross, right?  Well, on Claravis, my skin is pretty sensitive to picking.  Even the smallest picking session makes my skin peel and flake the next day.  Good news?  The breakouts are already starting to die down.  I am seeing a very noticeable improvement in my complexion already.  Hopefully the entire treatment stays like this, and there aren’t any huge breakouts to come.

Oh, and FYI: they really mean it when they tell you to stay out of the sun.  My family goes on an annual boating trip.  The first day, I used Coppertone Sensitive Skin sunscreen with SPF 50.  I was only in the sun for a couple hours, and my legs were already red.  The next day, I used a sunblock with SPF 70, and that did the trick.  I reapplied every hour or so, and I didn’t get burned.  I’m not sure if it was the minor increase in SPF, or the fact that it was sunblock instead of sunscreen that helped.  Either way, make sure to lather it on!

Overall, I’m feeling really good about the way treatment is going.  No major complaints, and already seeing some improvement!  Take care for now, I’ll update when the mood strikes.


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